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Workplace Resolution

Conflict Resolution at Work: From Turmoil to Teamwork

Conflict in the workplace can make employees dread going to work and drag down productivity, yet research shows that 85 percent of employees experience it.

For employees, workplace conflict can negatively impact job performance, often leading to loss of income, a lower standard of living and a stalled career. Stress from the workplace can also spill over into an employee’s life outside of work, negatively affecting personal relationships and sowing the seeds for conflict at home.

Rather than deal with the tension day in and day out, some employees choose to skip work or seek other employment. For the company, this creates high turnover, the loss of organizational knowledge, and the additional expense of replacing and training new employees.

Alternative dispute resolution brings employees together for candid discussion and problem-solving, saving workplace relationships along with time and money.

Conflict can stem from different values, poor communication, scarcity of resources, gossip, personality clashes, or countless other issues. Whatever the cause, this form of mediation brings individuals and teams together to solve their own problem, creating stronger and more committed teams that know how to communicate and avoid future conflicts.

In addition to traveling to workplaces for confidential sessions between two or more individual employees, Sharon also provides on-site workshops on conflict resolution for groups and teams.

Small Business

While large companies might have human resource professionals trained in addressing workplace conflict, most small businesses lack effective resources for conflict resolution. Interpersonal conflict within a small business can have a large effect on morale and productivity, so addressing it quickly can have a measurable effect on the company’s bottom line.

Sharon Dolak’s alternative dispute resolution services in the workplace are designed to help small businesses bring employees together to work out their problems on their own, giving them valuable resources to draw upon when future conflicts arise.

The process encompasses identifying the issue as well as its underlying interest, allowing all involved parties to express their concerns and be heard, and bringing the affected employees together with careful guidance to create a written plan that details how the current and future conflicts can be resolved. By agreeing on how they will interact and respond to future issues, the team members are empowered to defuse potential conflict before it can take root.


As a workplace conflict resolution mediator and dental professional, Sharon has seen how costly workplace conflict can be to a healthcare business. She has deep experience in resolving medical and dental workplace conflict, focusing on developing strategies to defuse current and future problems.

By bringing healthcare employees together to identify underlying issues and learn to communicate respectfully, dispute resolution can create healthier workplaces where people can come together to solve problems and experience happier, more productive employment. Read more.

Much the same as for small business, all parties are guided through a structured process in which they are encouraged to express their position, listen to that of others, find common ground, and develop a written plan for resolving the conflict and addressing future problems.

Marriage Counseling Vs. Dispute Resolution

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Saving a Marriage

For one blended family, mediation created harmony where once there was anger and hurt. After counseling failed, the newlywed parents came to Sharon Dolak. Together, they learned how to communicate and quickly disign a solution that created a peaceful home for both parents and stepchildren.

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