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Sharon Dolak Bio


Sharon Dolak MDR, RDH

Texas Association of Mediators Full Member
Tarrant County Association of Mediators Member
Credentialed Mediator, Texas Mediator Credentialing Association

Sharon Dolak specializes in family and healthcare workplace mediation services, reducing tension and helping people resolve long-term, intractable disputes in their personal or professional relationships. She provides a forum and atmosphere for authentic communication, where parties gain understanding, become understood, and work collaboratively to explore options for resolution.

Sharon became interested in dispute resolution mediation after her own personal experience sparked a desire to help others explore this conflict-resolution process as an alternative to time-consuming and emotionally draining litigation.

Sharon is trained in the fields of family dynamics, child development, and family law, as specified by Texas law. She is also qualified as a court-appointed mediator able to perform dispute resolution for parent-child relationships, most frequently in divorce and post-divorce cases.

In 2013, Sharon completed Mediation Dynamics training that satisfied the standards of the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable and Texas Mediator Credentialing Association for family mediation training. Sharon received her Mediation Certificate in 2006 from Texas Woman’s University.

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Saving a Marriage

For one blended family, mediation created harmony where once there was anger and hurt. After counseling failed, the newlywed parents came to Sharon Dolak. Together, they learned how to communicate and quickly disign a solution that created a peaceful home for both parents and stepchildren.

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