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Dispute Resolution Services

When people in conflict reach an impasse, relationships begin to break down. Mediation stops the disintegration of relationships and reverses the damage by bringing people together to talk, listen, and solve their challenges together.

Having experienced the conflict resolution process on both sides of the table, she understands people in conflict who have come to an impasse, and empathizes with those stuck in the cross current of a dispute.

Her non-adversarial approach to conflict and dispute resolution uses the touchstones of questioning, reflecting, and reframing. Through positive and respectful dialogue, listening and transparency in all communications, Sharon helps people to see and understand the other person’s perspective of the conflict. It is then that dialogue can begin towards agreeing on a resolution.

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Dispute Resolution is an effective way to rapidly resolve conflict using a neutral, third-party intermediary. It is an ideal solution for people who are committed to preserving their relationship, want to be equally involved in resolving the conflict, and have tried but failed to resolve their issues on their own.

Dispute Resolution is a private and voluntary process that brings together the parties in a conflict with a trained, impartial mediator, who gives them the practical tools they need to:

  • Have difficult conversations
  • Identify the sources of their conflict
  • Clarify their point of view and what’s important to them
  • Understand the other party’s point of view and what’s important to them
  • Explore solutions together
  • Make decisions that meet the needs of all parties
  • Resolve the conflict and preserve the relationship
  • Apply the same process to resolve any future conflicts

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Counseling and mediation are both valuable ways to resolve conflict, and in some cases, can even complement each other when used in combination. Understanding the difference between the two processes can help you determine which approach would best resolve the specific issues you are facing.

Counseling is an open-ended process that focuses on digging into the past causes of current problems, and can take months or years to effect change. Mediation focuses on quickly resolving a current problem, with a goal of improving the future. Many people come to Sharon Dolak for mediation after counseling does not achieve a quick resolution to their conflict.

Mediation is a rapid approach focused on identifying where each party stands; why they feel the way they do; and most importantly, how they can reach a resolution together. Mediation’s goal is to find practical ways to make positive changes that everyone can agree on, so that participants get immediate help. Once a resolution is agreed upon, the process is complete, and the parties can move on.

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When a family or relationship is in crisis, it can feel like everything familiar has been torn apart. The longer a crisis continues, the harder it can be to move past the damage and repair broken relationships.

Mediation brings peace back to families by helping couples, parents, and children of all ages identify the underlying interests. Then, together, they develop creative solutions to improve communication, understanding and trust, and come to an agreement.

Sharon Dolak works with all types of families and relationships, helping members calmly express their point of view, listen to that of others, and work together to create a solution that works for everyone.

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Each quarter, Sharon Dolak brings together groups of people struggling with conflict for a six-hour workshop in Dallas/Fort Worth area. Groups of up to 20 people come together to learn how to improve their communication, listening, and negotiation skills using the same techniques Sharon employs in Dispute Resolution mediation.

By practicing through role play and learning how to communicate and listen effectively, participants discover how to resolve existing conflicts and prevent future crises by better managing everyday interactions.

Sharon also travels to small businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to present similar, on-site workshops focused on conflict resolution in the workplace.

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